Scrum Under Siege

Mission: Our goal of this podcast and blog is to focus on helping you leave theory at the door and help you navigate things that will inevitably come up in your Agile quest. 

Jack and Doug
We hone in on best practices for Agile ceremonies
Agile Ceremonies
This is related to Agile topic Metrics
Agile Metrics
We discuss how to find good agile people to hire.
Agile Recruiting
Gathering place for estimating blogs and podcasts.
Top interviews with experts in the Agile community
We focus on product priority in Agile environments
Product Priority
Some tips and tricks to help Story Mapping.
Story Mapping
Section dedicated to dynamics of and Agile team
Team Podcast
Podcasts devoted to teams that for various reasons do not get full resources for running agile.
Thrift Scrum