Gold Rush or Gold Trap?

Gold mining or Metrics trap?

For those of you who are fans of Discovery, you may have stumbled upon Gold Rush. The TV show follows miners in the Yukon mining for gold. During the first season, Todd Hoffman, pictured, brings a crew from Oregon up north to Alaska to mine.

Todd Hoffman and his crew learn how to mine for gold in the tundra, eventually mining almost 1000 ozs of gold. Going into the fourth season, Todd, confident in the crew that he put together, takes them down to Guyana in search of gold. He’s confident in the data they have acquired and what potential drill holes have shown. However, he was lead into a trap! He comes home with a lofty 2 ozs of gold and almost gives up on mining entirely.

Based on the crew’s experiences in Guyana, one would think that the same mistakes would have been prevented in the future. Todd did over the course of two seasons go back and mine in the north where he found success on proven ground with over 3,000 ozs mined. With all the data before him, he again gained confidence with the crew he built. He took the information going into the next season to move the team to Oregon to for gold in the lower 48. Much to his dismay, every drill site supposedly having gold was almost barren. The crew left him and he was left wondering if he would ever mine again. Luckily for him, Freddy, a member of the team, found a site in Colorado to go mine. Going into the next season, Todd once again decided to roll the dice and mine in an area he was uncertain about. This season once again was a disappointment even though they mined over 1,500 ozs of gold. Todd had to pay up on a bet with Parker, who himself mined far more than Todd would have hoped.

What does this all tell us about Scrum Traps? When you focus on the delivery of the team, you will lose focus on what you are delivering. Todd’s crew may have run a lot of dirt through the wash plant, but in the end it didn’t yield the result they had hoped for when they moved to less proven ground. Come listen to our take on metrics and the traps that you can fall into.

For those of you wondering where Todd Hoffman is now after quitting Gold Rush, he is now pursing a singing career.

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