Interview – There is a place for BSA in Agile

Jeremy answers hard hitting questions.

Jeremy Mann is a professional contractor who hangs his hat on the BSA hat rack. While Jeremy’s passion lies with BSA work, don’t let that fool you. He is a Scrum Lord who can talk and teach scrum with anybody. 

This interview is geared at the work BSAs do in the Agile world. Jeremy makes his case for why BSAs are important. Here is list of questions asked and answered.

  1. What is the difference between a BSA and a BA?
  2. What value does a BSA bring to an Agile team?
  3. Who does the BSA work on a team with no BSA?
  4. What makes a BSA a good Agile BSA?
  5. Story formats. What does Jeremy use?
  6. What are keys to keep story mapping from spinning out of control?
The land of stored paper in the corner of some office.
The Island of Lost Story Maps.

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