Are all your New Year resolutions “Must Haves”?

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I had time to reflect the other day about my own New Year’s resolutions. A couple months ago, I sat down and pondered what I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I thought to myself, “this will be my year to accomplish everything and redeem myself for past new years resolution flops”. The opportunties were endless for self improvement, I just had to narrow the choices down. The usual suspects flow out from pen to paper: spend less and save more, become more fit, workout, travel to a new place, become a better snowboarder and host a fun social soiree for friends. How could I not accomplish this all?

Fast foward to present day self, I was at local brewery with a group of friends. We stumbled upon a conversation about our 2019 goals. I was telling my friends about the plethora of goals I had set for myself. Much to my chagrin I got probing questions and troubled facial expressions. My best friend asks: “Do you think you can really accomplish all of the goals you set for 2019? They seem pretty lofty”. My answer was simple, why yes I do and they are all my priority. After all New Year equals new me.

Realizing not everything can be must haves on your list

It took this latest podcast on Moscow for me to realize my mistake. I simply priortized everything as my number 1, and had too may things on my plate to focus on. I’m happy announce that I have paired my list down to 3 priorties that I hope to accomplish this year. Those goals were simplified into: work on my fitness, save more money & spend less money on dinners out. By sliming the list down to something more manageable, I know I can to meet these without feeling overwhelmed. Often times, we all try to list out a million and one things we want to accomplish and it overwhelms us. We aren’t able to improve incremental chunks because of everything we choose to bite off. If you find yourself needing motivation, you can watch the Arnold Schwarzengger speech (below), to help find your own . I know this will be the year I get out of my rut, what about you?

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