Charter of death

Charter of death podcast

FYI – This podcast is about Charters. It is not about death. We just wanted to have a little fun with the title.

A few years back I would home brew a batch of beer every now and then. Home brewing beer was fun but a lot of work. First you had to buy the ingredients. After that you needed to find several hours to brew. Lots of setup, cleaning, boiling, mixing, straining, cooling. After that you needed to have the batch ferment for a few weeks. Not done yet. Still need to bottle and clean up. Lots of work and guess what? My last batch failed. It was useless. Thus it was my last batch.

Charters are like home brewing beer in our opinion. Sometimes they workout, other times you should pour them down the drain. Doug and I think Charters can be useful but you better be thoughtful about why you are chartering and then adjust accordingly.

Home brewing kit that is a mess
This brewing equipment is the equivalent of a 4 page charter.

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