Key to Stand-up

The good, the bad, and the stand up.
A man giving a presentation to a group of people
Interesting and engaging speaker

Have you ever attended a conference or watched a YouTube speaker that you were excited about listening to? We all have. Have you ever been disappointed as the topic goes into far too much detail? I think its happened to quiet a few of us. Thinking about the speeches that I’ve really enjoyed listening to were the ones that focused on th high level topic. Usually these speakers have rooms that are packed or are the videos that are highly downloaded. Often observed are many interactions between the audience and the speaker.

Now what does this have to do with Stand-ups? While its easier to operate a 15 minute time box robotically or drone on for a hour update. To truly make a ceremony effective in Agile, it has to be engaging. You want the collective team to stay engaged and actively eager to help each other out. Seems easy enough, but most teams tend to struggle with this. Listen to our latest podcast about what we have experienced. Its sure to be impactful. We have included a mock stand-video from YouTube to get a few laughs about things you may see in your own experiences.

Check out this funny video on a mock Stand-up

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