Art of the demo

Demo problems and solutions to those problems.

You and the family go on a vacation. Let’s make this a cool example and say the vacation is in Hawaii. You spend 10 glorious days there. Then you get on a plan and fly back home. Hello winter and work. Everybody at work asks you how your vacation was. What did you do in Hawaii? What island did you stay on? So you tell them you stayed on O’ahu. You and the family had some nice beach time. You visited Pearl Harbor. You climbed up Diamond Head. You did some snorkeling.

Picture of Diamond Head volcano taken from Honolulu beach.
The art of a Hawaiian vacation.

Did you tell them what airline you flew out on? Did you explain the wait for the shuttle from the airport to the hotel took longer than expected? I hope not. What about that morning you woke up with a hang over because you were having too much fun the night before? Nah, no need to mention that. That stuff is all trivial that really isn’t part of your vacation memories.

A sprint demo is just like telling your friends and family about your vacation. Tell your audience what you did. Give them a few details about some of the things that happened along the way. Don’t bore them with trivial details. At the end of the day, you want to share your sprint successes at the demo just like telling your friends how beautiful Hawaii was.

Hawaii helped launch Elvis’s comeback. Elvis was a master of the demo!

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