Sticky Note Retro

Problem / Solution podcast regarding retros

If they only asked me what I wanted, I would have told them and everything would have been better. Oh if only things were that simple. For example, we always get together at my mom’s house for my birthday. She makes a diner, we eat, then open presents. Fun times. Mom always asks me what do I want to eat for birthday dinner. I tell her make what you want mom. I do this to make things easier for mom. Guess what happens? She makes a beef roast in the crock pot with carrots and potatoes. Sounds good but it’s not. Mom (love her to death) is not much of a cook. Why didn’t she make my favorite (chicken curry hot dish)? I’ll tell you why she didn’t make it, because I never told her when she asked me.

Good agile retros occur when the team is honest and talkative. A scrum master does the needful and solutions are created for problems and assigned to people. Things get better. It’s not that easy in the real world. All teams are different. All scrum masters are different. This podcast give ideas to solve some common real world problems that can occur at retros.

A couple of scrum masters making a podcast in a garage.

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