Personality Disorder

Listen about how to avoid some pitfalls when creating personas.

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting into the “weeds” when planning something? I have. This feels like almost and everyday thing. I do have one example in mind and its fantasy football.

With the NFL draft finished and team mini camps just about to start, I have started to think about the upcoming Fantasy Football season. Much like last year, when I was watching highlights of rookies who could potentially take me to the championship round and give me bragging rights for winning the league. How did that work out for me last year? Last year I spent time watching the whole NFL draft and making notes of potential rookie Running Backs and Tight Ends that could be a great addition to my potential roster. I made notes on what NFL defense may have been upgraded with new pass rushing pieces drafted. I wanted to be prepared last year, so I drafted in every spot via mock drafts. I developed a sense for who I could draft at each position.

At the end of the fantasy draft I was super excited as I felt like I put a top lineup in place. Much to my dismay, the first week I scored the 2nd most points but I played the person who scored the most points. That would foreshadow what the season would bring. It turned out that I would finish 9th out of 10 in the league. This is in spite of scoring the 3rd most points. My real weakness was focusing so much on value that I ended up drafting injury prone players. This resulted in my fantasy season being a disappointment. My number 1 goal for the upcoming fantasy football league will be focusing on value picks who have a history of durability.

Now what does this have to do with our latest episode? Our latest episode is about personas and we talk about similar experiences of focusing on the wrong things. When trying to figure out your customer, focus on what they want from your product and narrow it down to a few customers. Check out our episode above if you want to hear us give our own take on what is impacting your team from creating effective personas.

These two idiots did no research and won their league!

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