Edward Edgecase

How to handle edge cases that distract from story mapping.

We struggled to come up with a good topic for the blog this week. That was until we had snapchat up and were watching stories on “fails”. Then it hit us, some guy shot a firework out of his mouth (Video below).

Guy Shoots Firework Out of Mouth

There is no way the firework company thought this was a valid use case for anyone would do. I’m sure after this video the company added a disclosure to the firework saying please don’t shoot fireworks out of your mouth. This is a lot like story mapping out what your users are going to do. Its easy to watch videos like this and think that its valid to explore all the paths that a user might use the product the wrong way. It will not end up helping solve future issues. Users are often unpredictable in how they may try to do something. So remember, the core idea about Agile is to get something out there and get feedback on it. Then you can incorporate some of those items that will come up after the product launches. If you want to hear us talk about tips and tricks in our latest podcast about edge cases, then listen to the player above.

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