Release Planning

How to build an estimated release date.

I had time to reflect on what our blog post would be this week. This was because I just went on vacation with my family. I’ve been going on a summer vacation for decades with my family (yes that makes me feel old but it’s the truth). I do what everybody does when they pack for vacation. You think about what you will be doing and try to pack accordingly. I know fishing will happen and hopefully I’ll catch a fish or two. So I always bring my fishing rods, tackle box and net. We always get a round of golf in so I can’t forget my golf equipment. Last but not least, who can forget about the hot tub. So that means bring a swim suit. 

Look at that fish

Regardless of when I fish or golf or swim I know I need the everyday stuff. We all do. Clothes, shoes, toiletries and don’t ever forget the phone charger. Needless to say I forgot my razor and my net for fishing. Happens to the best of us :).

This dude forgot to pack his razor.

For family vacations you will be required to plan and communicate schedules to everyone demanding information on whats happening. Similar to large corporations that want their Agile teams to give an estimated date for when they think something will be done. That helps with the budget, coordinating cross dependencies, and scheduling upcoming work. Use the tools agile has given you along with your common sense to build the release plan. Check out latest episode above to hear about what you can do with your own team.

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