Interview with an agile Tech Lead

Podcast interview with Doug the Tech Lead

In perfect agile world, all team members are clones of each other. While the secret labs are still perfecting the cloning process, the real world must deal with all different types of agile developers. Doug and Jack are believers in an agile team having a Tech Lead. The Tech Lead on an agile team can be delegated by title or by experience and personality but it’s important to have that type of developer on your team. Doug and Jack interview Doug the Tech Lead. This dude has been in the industry for a few decades and knows his stuff. Doug the Tech Lead is a humble guy but if all agile Tech Leads acted like Doug, the agile world would be a better place.

Doug, Doug Tech Lead and Jack
This isn’t a comedy. This is how Packer fans act in almost real life. Poor bastards…..
Weather dude

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