Interview with an agile Tech Lead

Podcast interview with Doug the Tech Lead

In perfect agile world, all team members are clones of each other. While the secret labs are still perfecting the cloning process, the real world must deal with all different types of agile developers. Doug and Jack are believers in an agile team having a Tech Lead. The Tech Lead on an agile team can be delegated by title or by experience and personality but it’s important to have that type of developer on your team. Doug and Jack interview Doug the Tech Lead. This dude has been in the industry for a few decades and knows his stuff. Doug the Tech Lead is a humble guy but if all agile Tech Leads acted like Doug, the agile world would be a better place.

Doug, Doug Tech Lead and Jack
This isn’t a comedy. This is how Packer fans act in almost real life. Poor bastards…..
Weather dude

Interview with a Business Agility Coach

Podcast Business Agility Coach

We interview a good friend who has shared our agile journey and our agile beliefs. Her name is Erin and she recently became a Business Agility Coach. What does a Business Agility Coach do? Listen and find out the answers to these questions:

  • What does a Business Agility Coach do?
  • DO you follow a certain type of agile methodology?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How have you made things better?
  • What challenges/skepticisms have you faced?
  • Who do you find more annoying – Doug or Jack?
Jack, Erin and Doug

Interview – Agile life at a start up

Jeff Kern from Upsie interview.

Jeff Kern from Upsie sits down with Scrum Under Siege and tells us about what life is like running agile at a start up. Upsie provides affordable, reliable warranties for all the electronic devices in your life. Click here to get a better understanding of what Upsie does.

We talk about comparing corporate agile vs start up agile, what its like not to have a scrum master or QA, haircuts, boiling frogs and spending time on the cloud. An informative and entertaining chat.

Picture of small dog sitting on a couch.
Jeff ‘s dog. I think she looks like an ewok.

Interview – There is a place for BSA in Agile

Jeremy answers hard hitting questions.

Jeremy Mann is a professional contractor who hangs his hat on the BSA hat rack. While Jeremy’s passion lies with BSA work, don’t let that fool you. He is a Scrum Lord who can talk and teach scrum with anybody. 

This interview is geared at the work BSAs do in the Agile world. Jeremy makes his case for why BSAs are important. Here is list of questions asked and answered.

  1. What is the difference between a BSA and a BA?
  2. What value does a BSA bring to an Agile team?
  3. Who does the BSA work on a team with no BSA?
  4. What makes a BSA a good Agile BSA?
  5. Story formats. What does Jeremy use?
  6. What are keys to keep story mapping from spinning out of control?
The land of stored paper in the corner of some office.
The Island of Lost Story Maps.

Interview – Why is Agile Organizational Change So Difficult

We had Sabine Brandt, an organizational change agent focusing on business agility, to talk about why Organizational changes are so difficult from a leadership level. Come tune in to hear about challenges every company will face when adopting Agile and what exciting new items are being explored in the Agile world.

The Business Refinery is Sabine’s website. Nice job Sabine. Thanks for the interview!

Exciting Product vs IT Organizations Interview

Come learn with us about the differences between Product vs IT organizations. We have a very special guest, Chris Barron (Agile Consultant/Coach/Trainer), who will provide his take on all of this. Chris has been our mentor and sounding board for this podcast so we wanted to give him a chance to promote his thoughts. Hope you’re are as excited about this interview as we are. 20 mins.

Chris’s website is Check it out.