What flavor of agile coach do you want?

How to find your agile coach

The urge hits me around 730pm most nights. It’s been a bit since dinner and I want to have a snack. Not sure why this is. Was it something I learned from my dad? He always had a bowl of ice cream most nights. When I say he, I guess I mean we. Or maybe it’s natural to want a little sack before bed.

So when the snack urge calls and I answer, the question comes down to this, do I crave salty or sweet? As I’ve grown older, salty has been winning. Currently Chili Fritos is my achilles heel. Hard to stop eating them. BBQ Pringles are also a salty favorite. For sweet, Cheetos are my go to snack. Cheetos and me go way back.

Just wonderful.

If you are looking to hire an agile coach, you need to figure out what you want them to do because agile coaches come in different flavors. Don’t hire a salty coach if you want a sweet one.

Steve is a “promoter”.

Interview with a Business Agility Coach

Podcast Business Agility Coach

We interview a good friend who has shared our agile journey and our agile beliefs. Her name is Erin and she recently became a Business Agility Coach. What does a Business Agility Coach do? Listen and find out the answers to these questions:

  • What does a Business Agility Coach do?
  • DO you follow a certain type of agile methodology?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How have you made things better?
  • What challenges/skepticisms have you faced?
  • Who do you find more annoying – Doug or Jack?
Jack, Erin and Doug